Wednesday, August 23, 2006


The Saffron Cable afghan will be mine! Well, after the yarn arrives and I spend loads of time knitting. Allow me to back up a bit.

In a welcome moment of serendipity, yesterday I received $100 job-well-done reward. That happened on the very next day after falling in love with the Saffron Cable afghan pattern which needs around $100 worth of yarn and supplies to make. I called my mom yesterday evening and told her about the happy circumstance. She brought up that using that reward to get the supplies would make the afghan a reminder of a job well done for me. Oh, how I love it when folks justify my spending :) I ordered the yarn specified in the pattern - 19 skeins of Berkshire Valley Yarn and a 60 inch Options needle from Knitpicks for the project tonight. Hope I don't freak out the UPS guy by watching the front door for the next week impatiently awaiting my packages' arrivals!

After my big growth spurt on the Kimono Shawl this past weekend, my progress has been very sporadic this week. I didn't pick up the needles at all last night since I was NOT in a good frame of mind after waiting for the neighborhood water supply to be turned back on. Tonight, I got in a whole row of progress before falling asleep in my knitting chair. Hopefully, I can crank out the last 24 lace patterned rows this coming weekend.