Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I'm Gonna be Sick

Yargh! Last night, I finished the Kimono Shawl. I hurried home from work this evening to start blocking and recording the big event for the blog. Carefully, I laid out the shawl for its pre-blocked picture when I noticed that I had knitted a trapezoid. My cast off edge was WAAAAAAAAAY too tight. Disheartened, I tried to zhuzh it into a square, but it didn't agree with me. Shit!

Next came the scissors.

And lots of cursing.

Tons of dropped stitches.

It's all safely on a lifeline now so no more damage can be done. Only rows of the garter stitch edge were harmed, easy enough to fix.

Damn, it really sucks to see over two months work literally unraveling before your eyes!