Monday, December 25, 2006


Check out the virtual fortune cookie I just opened:

My Fortune Cookie told me:
Your wounds are strangely shaped.
Get a cookie from Miss Fortune

Apparently, the internets can see my still ouchy tummy surgical wounds. Weird.

Oh, yeah. Merry Christmas :)

Friday, December 22, 2006

Can't Quite Get There

That's the way I feel about the holidays this year. I just can't quite get there - getting presents bought, finishing knitted presents, wrapping said presents, no holiday baking, excessive tiredness when I do get away from the house. My mood today was rather battered after having to go out last minute shopping again. Then coming home to a corrupted Playstation 2 memory card. Of course, it had to wipe out our Guitar Hero 2 data. :P I'm having a bah humbug kind of day.

I tried wrapping presents this evening, but Bandit thought I made him a new bed with the wrapping paper

At least Bandit is comfy on the wrapping paper

The knitting front has been a bit more productive though. I finished the Mock Cable socks earlier this week. These socks will be known by me as my surgery socks. I worked on them while I was waiting for over four hours in the pre-op room waiting for surgery and picked them back up as soon as I could sit upright.

Finished Mock Cable Socks to be gifted

Project Details
Pattern: Mock Cable pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks
Yarn Used: Two skeins of older model Knitpicks Essential sock yarn in Navy (I used stash yarn!)
Needles: Crystal Palace bamboo DPNs Size 0
Project Duration: December 9th to December 19th

I also started my last Christmas knitting project this week, too. No way in hell will I get these done prior to Christmas, especially since they'll be mailed to my grandpa in Pennsylvania. My tardiness is excused by my grandma, so no pressure for me :)

Gentleman's Sock with Lozenge Pattern from Knitting Vintage Socks

I've all ready altered the pattern slightly. The pattern calls for a 10 1/2 inch cuff, but I really don't want to knit my grandpa thigh highs. So, I shortened them :)

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Back in the Saddle

Whew! I'm back, in the knitting chair again anyway. Still mighty sore though post-surgery. I'm single-handedly trying to bring back the baggy pants look of the late 90s since I can't even contemplate wearing something with a waist band around my actual waist. What I hadn't counted on was my bout with Vicoden and only being able to fight pain with Advil. :-/ (For the record, the half life of Vioden post ingestion is 12 hours and I was sick as a dog for exactly 12 hours.) Nor the fact that I would be a Slitheen for days afterwards either. Lovely.

Yesterday, I did feel well enough to pick up the needles to make actual progress on Christmas knitting. I finished the first of a pair of socks.

Hallelujah, I was able to put a sock on my own foot!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Home safe and sound

Hello, this is lk's husband. She got through the surgery just fine and is home resting and recoving. Tomorrow I'll be setting up my laptop for her bedside so she can post and such if she feels well enough.

Just wanted to let you all know she's home doing great.

Monday, December 11, 2006


Tomorrow's the big day. I go in for gallbladder surgery tomorrow morning. Needless to say, I'm a big bundle of nerves tonight. Wish me luck :-/

Saturday, December 09, 2006

SP and a FO

Dial-up readers beware, very picture heavy post!

I enjoy acronyms, almost as much as I enjoyed a surprise secret pal package on my doorstep this afternoon. :) Thank you so very, very much to my Winter Cheer Secret Pal, KnitChick07! :)

Box of pretty packages

Non-fibery goodies: a Dick Francis novel "Banker", two Cadbury Crunchie bars (I'll have to share these with my mom), blue M&M guy, sock in progress bag, Trans-Siberian Orchestra CD "Beethoven's Last Night", mini-stationary, and a pooch calendar/mousepad!

Wool and silk handspun made by KnitChick07 in Sky Blue - look at that sheen! :)

Handspun in natural lighting

Handspun, up close and personal

Araucania Nature Wool Chunky in shades of green

Nature Wool Chunky in natural lighting

And extreme close-up

Latest Christmas Finished Object, Clapotis 3.0! It was so cold Thursday night, Bandit didn't attempt to wriggle out of modelling it :)

Monday, December 04, 2006

Quick Trip

As usual, I miscalculated my vacation for 2006 and found an additional 4 hours. I took this afternoon off and headed up to my hometown.

Odie and Hershey

I visited my dad, stepmom, and grandparents in the afternoon. And their cutie-pie puppies pictured above of course :)

This evening, I spent some time in the elementary school bleachers (and my butt STILL hurts!) for Chelsea's first band concert. She's been playing since August and is doing pretty darned good!

She's by far surpassed my hair doing skills :)

Least fuzzy picture I was able to capture during the concert

I'm so proud of her! :)

Friday, December 01, 2006

Care and Maintenance of My Blog

If this blog was a house plant, it would be dead and shriveled. Mea culpa, dear readers!

I've been deeply entrenched in holiday knitting. Here's my current project. By this time, it should look rather familiar. It's my third Koigu Clapotis.

Clapotis in Our Christmas Tree

Holidays 2006 shall be known as the year of socks and The Clap. For my third time knitting this pattern, I'm rather shocked that I still find it to be an enjoyable project.

So far, my holiday knitting stands at 2 completed paris of socks and a Clappy and a half. I'd like to finish at least another 2 pairs of socks. Hopefully, I won't be up until 3AM Christmas Eve finishing projects like I was last year. :)

Can I just say that today's weather completely SUCKS?? Bandit and I have been listening to the freakishly strong wind beating the Christmas wreath against the front door all morning. My plans were for Bandit and I to spend the day curled up at home staying warm. Unfortunately, he has a cracked toenail that's really bothering him, so he gets to go to the vet this afternoon. I feel completely AWFUL about his nail. Can't help but think if I was more diligent about trimming his nails, he wouldn't have gotten it. :( Poor little boy!

Edited: Back from the vet, and Bandit is all right. Trimmed up his ouchy nail and sent him home with a round of antibiotics. Also picked up the Drinkwell Water System that he's been eyeballing for a few years for Christmas. :)