Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas: The Aftermath

Whoo boy. Christmas is done, and I thought my hands were about ready to fall off at 3:30 AM on Christmas eve night/Christmas morning when I finished the last of my Christmas knitting projects. Every spare moment that I could be knitting I was - in line at the Target deli, team building events at work, pre-Christmas gatherings, and several gaming sessions. This year's knitted gifts included:

  • Reversible Cable scarf - still need to send
  • Pair of Monkey socks for my mom
  • Faroese Shawl for my grandma in PA
  • Juno Regina stole for my aunt
  • 2 pairs of men's socks in grey and black for my grandpas
  • Mini Jayne Hat for nephew, Zach
Jayne Hat as modeled by Zach - very cunning I think!

Finshed Juno Regina stole modeled by moi!

I have picked the needles up after a day off for Christmas. Working on a pair of Dashing fingerless gloves currently. Hubs gave me a big skein of Laci yarn from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, and I downloaded a copy of the Irtfaa'a Faroese shawl from today. Think I'm due a project to keep for myself after the flurry of Christmas knitting. :)

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Return to Sender?

Hubs and I have started our holiday shopping. It's been all online at this point since neither of us enjoys the hassle of going shopping in person in Indy during December. Last night, a large, heavy package was waiting for us on the front door. Addressed to me, but I didn't recognize the sender. I placed it on the kitchen counter, and Hubs and I wracked our brains to figure out what would have been in the package since neither of us wanted to ruin a present intended for each other. Meanwhile, Bandit started going nuts sniffing and licking the package. Aha! It's a gift boxer set for Bandit from Three Dog Bakery! As Gandalf said (at least in the movies), "If in doubt, Meriadoc, always follow your nose."

Freakin' Genius!

cash advance

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I Should Have Known Better

My slightly scratchy throat last week was definitely not from playing too much Rock Band. Instead, it was the precursor before a heinous respiratory infection which has kicked my ass since this weekend. By Saturday, I sounded much more like the squeaky voiced kid on The Simpsons.

I can say two things for sure about whoever had the bright idea that people should cough or sneeze into their hands. One, said cough designer has NEVER had a phlegm-y case of bronchitis. Two, said person also has stock in laundry detergent or owns a dry cleaners.

Right, knitting blog...

Work continues on the Juno Regina shawl. Still slogging through the middle length section. If the end result wasn't so darned pretty, I'd be bored to tears by this point.

Knitting has also started on a plain ol' black ribbed sock for Christmas knitting. Was so glad I had this stashed in my purse when we got caught in an ice storm over the weekend. Took us around 45 minutes to travel one mile in rural Tippecanoe County. So sad we had to miss Stephen and Jennifer's wedding as a result :(