Sunday, July 29, 2007

Dust Bunnies

Has it really been over a week since I've last posted? All my free time lately has been spent with by eyes glued to books. Kris and I picked up our copies of Deathly Hallows last Friday and spent all of last weekend enraptured by the audiobook version. I laughed, cried, and had two of my theories confirmed. Recently, I've become hooked on the other wizard Harry series, the Dresden Files. In a fit of multi-day migraine induced yuckiness yesterday, I finished the third book in the series, started and finished the fourth book, and started the fifth. I may have to send Hubs to Borders on Monday to pick up the next few books in the series.

Now, don't think I haven't been knitting, because I sure have. It's just all been for my Knitty Sock Swap downstreams, PixieRiot and KnitChick07, so I won't post pictures till I've mailed them out. Pixie's are finished and blocked, just have to drag my tired carcass to the post office sometime. I'm on the foot of KnitChick07's first sock. Hoping I don't run out of yarn!

Instead of knitting progress pics, I'll share a pic of Bandit this afternoon. Since he hurt his paw on his crate a few weeks ago, I tore down the crate and moved his bed from the office into the kitchen. His replacement office bed arrived earlier this week.

Dog Days of Summer

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Only an hour of so of being 26 for me. And how am I marking the occasion? By taking a new Harry Potter audiobook quiz of course. I hate to admit how quickly I was able to go through all 15 audio clips and answer them all correctly. Unfortunately, there's no chance in hell for me to finish re-listening to the remainder of Order of the Phoenix and all of Half Blood Prince before the Deathly Hallows release this weekend.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Harry Potter Goodies

Two weeks of having my HP Secret Pal goodies, and I'm just now getting to posting them to my blog. Shameful, me! My upstream pal was none other than the fab KnitChick07. She must have been as busy as a house elf knitting all these lovely gifties for me. :) Thank you very much, I love it all, Knitchick07!!

Messenger Bag in Ravenclaw Colors

HP Scarf Bookmarkers in SS/CoS Style for Gryffindor and PoA Style for Ravenclaw

Knitchick07 must have hit Honeyduke's to find Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, Jelly Slugs, Chocolate Frogs, and Blood Pops. Dalegarn Ull in Ravenclaw colors (I'm thinking....socks!!), Sirius Black bookmarker, and yummy hot chocolate.

In other HP news, I saw Order of the Phoenix last night and was completely blown away. I'm a huge stickler that movies should follow canon as closely as possible and don't enjoy when movies stray too far from the book. (Don't get me started on the dumbass shrunken head in Prisoner of Azkaban...) David Yates did a wonderful job directing this movie and stayed very close to canon given the huge size of the book. Only complaint I had is not with the movie, but with someone who sat in front of us in the theater. Right at the emotional climax of the story in Dumbledore's office after the fight at the Ministry, someone let out a loud fart. Yeah, Chelsea and I then giggled through the whole scene. :)

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Poor Baby :(

Friday morning, Bandit went to his vet appointment to fix his bum nail. After stomping in fresh poo with his injured paw. >.< He went into the vet's looking normal, but came out limping with a bandaged paw and a weepy eye from a procedure to unblock a gland on his eyelid. Giving him four antibiotic pills a day and eye medication is a complete joke. I've resorted to opening the antibiotic capsules into a blob of peanut butter and disguising the medicine bearing peanut butter in his Kong. He's getting along well enough, and I'm surprised that his foot bandage is still in place.

My knitting mojo has been severely lacking. I'm working on a cursed heel. Thursday night, I went to a sit and knit group at Stitches n Scones. Started working on the heel but it wasn't following the pattern correctly. Odd. Looked down at the side of the heel and saw two big loops at the base of the heel. Yup, an end stitch had popped off my needles. Much ripping followed. I did show a fellow sock knitter how to pick up stitches for a gusset, so all was not lost. :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Words of Wisdom Wednesday

Righto. Simple words of advice tonight, expect the unexpected.

After a very crazy start to the week, all I wanted to do when I got home tonight was veg on a couch with my nose in a book. Instead, Hubs and I spent this evening cleaning blood splatters from all over the house. Within minutes of getting home, Bandit caught a back paw between two bars of his crate and broke off yet another nail. His reaction is to tear through the house running and jump on our bed. :( Again, I'm sooooooo thankful my parents bought us a Spotbot for this past Christmas!

This brings his grand total of nails heinously hurt up to 3. >.< Thank the doggie overlords that he all ready has a scheduled vet appointment on Friday. Guess he just couldn't stand the idea of going to the vet without some painful injury.

Normal life should come back around in a few weeks or so and regular blogging should start back then. I'm a bad blogger. *sigh*

Monday, July 02, 2007

Busy, Busy

Whew, this past weekend went by all too quickly!

Last Thursday was our 4th wedding anniversary. I surprised Hubs with an overnight stay at Cabins and Candlelight on the Boone/Montgomery County line in Indiana. I'm proud to report that the steaks I grilled for our anniversary dinner turned out yummy and not briquette-like as per my usual grilling standards. :) We had a wonderful, relaxing time. Just the ticket after a pretty stressful week!

Once we were back at home on Friday afternoon, knitting began again. Feather and Fan Shawl is now on the second chart. I wish I could pin out and flatten the shawl with it on the needles to show how it's progressing. It's now back to knitted shower cap stage on the 24 inch circular.

Progress as of July 2nd

After a several month long stretch of being in book "blahs" trying to slog through a crummy book, I chucked it aside and have regained my reading mojo. I've finished reading two books in the past week, including Darkly Dreaming Dexter which completely gave away last night's episode of Dexter. :) Worth it though to be enjoying reading again!