Thursday, July 27, 2006

All Work, No Knit.

Ack, what a week! No knitting progress to speak of since it's been very hectic work week. Apparently, not knitting for a few days makes me go a bit nuts, so I wrestled with Bandit tonight after finishing up the work week.

Too cute to not photograph, I snapped the first shot and got onto the floor next to him.

Big mistake. Extreme close-up pics and massive puppy kisses ensued.

Eventually, he realized he had met his match and backed off.

And I realized that I can use the zoom on the digital camera to get a good pic of Bandit's cute little face.

Hopefully I'll have some actual knitting blog fodder this weekend. Kris has an SCA event Saturday, so I'm counting on some quality solo knitting and vegetating time. :)

Monday, July 24, 2006


Game night Friday called for a mindless knitting project over a few hours of quality D&D playing. I grabbed the skein of Rowan Denim, looked over the bib pattern in Mason-Dixon Knitting, and knitted most of this in Friday night. Only had the button hole and an inch or so of the second strap to knit on Sunday. The button finally was sewn on tonight after I tore the house apart looking for a sewing needle. Ready for Cosmo Knotts once he's big enough :)

Mason-Dixon Bib in Rowan Denim

I couldn't wrestle Bandit into modeling this handknit, so the top of his doghouse had to do. :)

Close-up of the kyoootest button ever! It's Peter Rabbit!

I haven't been slacking on my larger projects. A decent hunk of time Sunday was devoted to the Kimono Shawl between loads of laundry. I didn't realize how much progress I've made until I measured it tonight - it's 22 inches tall now! I can't wait to block this sucker out to show how it really looks; I just don't seem to be able to photograph it well.

Kimono Shawl progress. I need to take a knitting project photography course or grow a few feet taller. Note my foot on the left edge of the picture that makes the lace lay poorly.

Monday, July 17, 2006


Friday, I stopped by the Knit Knack store in my hometown to try and get a few spare of these:

No clue what the technical name is of this tool. I call it my hook thingy - very technical term, no?

My mom used to use it when she machine knitted in the 80s and showed me an easy way to work in ends with it. I really like using it to fix dropped stitches and wanted a backup or two for when I eventually lose hers. Alas, no luck. The Knit Knack store was closed last Friday afternoon for a seminar. Their old barn mocked me with the phrase "YARN BARN" emblazoned on its roof, and its doors locked. *sigh*

I didn't have any time to knit this past weekend, so the Kimono Shawl looks exactly as it did late last week. I have to find some knitting time this week!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Lacin' Along

Kimono Shawl Progress

I've been focusing my knitting on the Kimono Shawl; it's up to 12 inches long. Granted, my knitting time has been limited since I've been sick and cleaning house. After reading on Jackie's blog that she's due in a little over 5 weeks, I better get cracking!! I don't want to be held responsible for a missed due date because I haven't finished Cosmo's baptism blankie like the Yarn Harlot has done recently. :)

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Stash Enhancing

For once, I actually caught one of the seasonal sales at Mass Ave Knit Shop last Friday. 30-50% off all yarns in the store was more than enough for me to get my sickie self out of bed. Here's my haul:

Purpley superwash merino sock yarn from Artyarns

Katia Ingenua mohair blend which will become a Branching Out scarf for someone for some holiday or birthday. Real specific intentions, no?

Skein of Rowan Denim and a Beatrix Potter button will be a bib from Mason-Dixon Knitting for nephew-to-be, Cosmo Knotts.

Self patterning Lana Grossa sock yarn with "extra strapazierfahig". No clue what strapazierhafig is; hope it's good!

Sage Cascade 220 for a Celtic Cap from Girl from Auntie. Want to give her patterns a try to see if I could knit the Rogue or Eris sweaters anytime in the near future.

Katia Mississippi cotton for the perfect pattern I found to make for my stepmom, Betty, while waiting in the checkout lane. No clue as to if it will be a birthday or Christmas gift yet. :)

Can't forget the cutest haul of all, a black sheep measuring tape from Lantern Moon. These are no longer specialty items in each bag of white sheep measuring tapes; they're shipped as a seperate item now. MAKS had a whole load of them, so I had to adopt one which with Bandit is smitten :)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Appropriately named holiday weekend for me; I was able to knit less than a fourth of the time that I had hoped. For the majority of my five-day weekend, I was laid up with a bad bout of bronchitis. Stupid crappy immune system....

The other part of the holiday break was taken up with painting - ugh!

Stupid shed that soaked up nearly 1.5 gallons of paint...

Even stupider, ridiculously heavy, abandoned doghouse. This is as close as Bandit ever gets to it. Pampered pooch.

Last Wednesday on our wedding anniversary, we received a rather terse letter from the local homeowner's association about our unpainted "outbuilding" being a violation. Meh, guess my noveau rustic look because we hate painting and procrastinated for two years didn't fly. Yes, our yard does seem to grow weeds quite well, but grass, not so much.

Eventually, medicine head and paint covered hands aside, I was able to get a few repeats done on the Kimono shawl.

Surely, I can't be the only knit blogger to use my Beatles throw as a background for contrast :)

Up close and too personal, nevermind the red lifeline :)

I have a very bad feeling that I'm going to run out of yarn on this project. *sigh*