Thursday, May 03, 2007

Knitting Community News

If you're a knitter, crocheter, or fiber enthusiast, get thee to Ravelry and sign up for a beta account. I received my beta invite last night and am hooked. The site's premise is to create a community with a repository of patterns, yarns, and more. As a person who has spent far too many frustrating hours googling for examples of finished products, I love the relevant, easy to use search function. Maybe I'll actually find someone who has finished the Saffron Cables afghan. :)

In local knitting community news, there's a new lace knitting group starting at Stitches N Scones in Westfield. Meets the first Saturday of the month from 11AM to 1PM. Hopefully, I can drag myself out of bed in time to attend!

*abrupt change of topic*

I had a bad realization today. Mother's Day is only 9 days away. No way in hell will I have time to knit the Fancy Silk Socks and mail them out prior to the holiday. Ah well, they'll just have to be late. :)

Mystery knitting continues. I'm well over halfway completed and hope to have them finished tonight or tomorrow!


rincaro said...

I have an invite there, I need to follow through on that.

And I *really* need to get pics of my single finished Fancy Silk Sock. It came out so pretty!