Monday, January 07, 2008

A is for Alapaca

I've joined a new Flickr pool/bloggers doing an ABC Along throughout this year. Every two weeks, I'll be posting pictures I've taken that correspond with the current letter of the alphabet for the group. Hoping to improve my photography skillz and blog posting frequency, too. :)

Without further ado, A is for Alpaca. I <3 alpaca yarn, so warm and fuzzy. Add alpaca to sock yarn, and you get a yarn that I just couldn't resist - Alpaca Sox.

A is for Alpaca

Alpaca Sox in the "Garden" colorway.

A is for Alpaca

Just the thing to chase away those dreary day blahs.


Sylvia said...

That yarn is gorgeous!

Phollower said...

You "sideways butt" alpaca yarn? I don't get it.