Sunday, February 03, 2008

B is for Bandit

As if you didn't see this one coming for my "B" in the ABC Along. :)

Bandit's patented "pet my belly" paw move

Life's not always been roses for our rather spoiled little guy. He started off his life at ~4 weeks of age abandoned in a cat carrier with his 7 brothers and sisters in the countryside on a hot Labor Day weekend. His luck turned when found by a postman, and he and his littermates were taken to a few local farms - Hub's father's house was one of them. Hubs met Bandit before I did, and he called me to ask if we could get a puppy. How could I say no? He was less than 5 pounds when he came home with us that night. I couldn't find a dog collar or halter small enough for him, so here he is in a kitten halter that was small enough to fit.

Bandit and me in the fall of 2002

Now, he's our ~70 pound lap dog, and we wouldn't want him any other way - spoiled, sock-eating, calzone-thieving, constantly shedding Bandit. :)


Sylvia said...

Yeah but he's a cute (and quick) calzone thief!

Phollower said...

I have to say that I was pretty impressed at how he managed to swallow the entire calzone in one gulp. Somebody call IFOCE!