Thursday, May 01, 2008

Posting a Question

Do kids still TP houses this day and age? I see there are videos as evidence of the practice's existence now, but I don't recall seeing it in YEARS.


Sylvia said...

A house near ours is TP'ed about once a year. Watch the houses close to the main road, on the road which goes to the right just before you get to ours in the fall. Is that cryptic enough for the internet? :) I think it is the 3rd house in. I bet they are dying for all their kids to graduate high school.

Frank said...

It seems like a house in our neighborhood gets TP'd about once a month (not always the same house, though certain ones to get it with alarming regularity). I think it has to do with high school sports.

Surprisingly, it seems to get done quite early in the evening - one day just a few weeks ago I came home around 6:30 and when I went back out around 10, just barely after dark, the house 2 doors down from us was absolutely coated.