Monday, September 15, 2008


I believe I should receive the award for the lamest "active" blogger out there. Enough posts on my blog right now that posts from March are still visible on my front page in September. *head desk*

It's been a trying week. After spending all day last Sunday and most of Monday evening completely engrossed in Spore, my main computer completely croaked Monday night. Lots of game progress and ~1.5 years of data gone when my hard drive took a permanent face plant. A replacement hard drive came in the mail last Friday. I had set aside Saturday for a rescue attempt at my files on the old one. No such luck, even as a second disk it couldn't be mapped. :( But, I was able to salvage my iTunes library from my iPod. *cheers* Note from the now very wise, take frequent back-ups of home PCs, too. I work in IT and should know better than keeping everything locally. >.<

Overall, the summer was pretty damned crazy schedule wise. I've been relishing a few quiet weekends at home lately, particularly getting in a lot of reading and knitting time. I'm a huge homebody at heart and judge how well a weekend or vacation goes based off the number of days I didn't have to leave the house. :)


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