Saturday, January 03, 2009

New Year, New Look, New Resolutions

Whew! Knotts Knitts just saw a flurry of activity that it hasn't seen since the summer of 2007. I redid my template. Out with the Harry Potter related conundrums and in with something a bit more hobbity. I quite like the the new and improved look if I do say so myself!

Looking back at my 2008 resolutions post, I find myself to be pleasantly surprised that I did meet most of my goals for the year. Well, apart from not trying my hand at fair isle knitting. Throughout the year, I have definitely been more conscious of my professional look and have been putting a lot more effort towards it. I even wore make-up daily for a few months, but then I realized that the extra 30 minutes of sleep is desperately needed. This year, I'm proud to say, I kept my Christmas knitting in check. Amazingly, I was not up Christmas Eve trying desperately to finish gifts. Instead, I started Christmas knitting in AUGUST. (I kid you not!) I even had time in the days leading up to Christmas to start non-holiday related projects. I did successfully make a sampler from Subversive Cross Stitching, but I abandoned that hobby after a disastrous night where Bandit ate two skeins of floss.

For 2009, I have a few new goals.

  • Make strides on being more environmentally friendly. The subdivision where I reside is not offering trash service to residents starting in March, so I now have the opportunity to pay for new trash services which include recycling. More conscious efforts to use my plethora of green bags. I do well on large grocery runs, but flake out and forget the one I carry around with me for quick one off stops.
  • Focus on communication with family, friends, and community. Interwebs, blogging, and otherwise offline, too.
  • Make time for myself everyday, and make stuff for me. In 2008, I only made one pair of socks for myself. Shameful!
  • And darn it, this will be the year of knitting fair isle!


Nicole said...

I'm "mustknitfaster" on Ravelry...hey, one can dream, right?!?

Kudos to you on your goals for the new year. I've learned that I have to keep it simple or I end up recycling resolutions every year!!

Hugs to you and your hubby!

Sylvia said...

I love the new look! Congrats on meeting your 2008 resolutions. I know you'll meet the 2009 ones too. And I am so glad for the new posts on your blog.