Monday, April 24, 2006

Lots of Knitting News

Wow, this was a whirlwind of a weekend! I was able to squeeze some knitting time in Friday. Unfortunately, most of that day was spent impatiently bugging the Sofa Express hotline tracking the non-progress on the furniture that was being delivered to my house. What furniture you may ask?? Oh, just the couch and end table to finish up my knitting lounge area of the office and a ginormous coffee table for
the living room. I grudgingly passed on my weekly Friday night D&D session to babysit the house in expectation of the delivery truck. Finally, they arrived after 9pm sending Bandit into a "must protect Mommy" mode from the confines of his crate. I'd like to think that his reaction was reflecting my crabby mood at the overly late
delivery. Everything was finished and set up the way I wanted after 10 pm, and the office refurbishing project is finally completed. Check it out!

New Knitting Nook

And here's my progress on the Prairie Blanket. One skein down!

Week's worth of knitting on the Prairie Blanket and still looks like a cream-colored stingray with ribbing :)

The Prairie Blanket pattern makes for great engrossing TV watching knitting with the miles of garter stitch in the middle. I'm still on the increases section though. I'm not sure how wide I should make it; the pattern calls for 38 inches diagonally, but that took less than a third of the required yarn yardage to get that length for me. My next project for Marcus and Jackie's upcoming little[scratchout markup] big
boy will be quite a bit more challenging for me. I'm going to be knitting him a baptism blanket. Wish me luck on my first intimidating lace project :)

In other knitting activity, I "swatched" for Fuzzy Feet last night. By swatching, I mean I grabbed some leftover Cascade Quattro from my Wavy scarf, grabbed my dpns, cast on 44 stitches as per the pattern, and knit a few inches. I'm using needles that are 2 sizes smaller than the pattern stated, but post-felting my swatch still slipped over my big honkin' ankles. Since my little experiment worked, I hope to
crank out several pairs for Christmas gifts for this year (lookee a head start on Christmas knitting!!). Now the question arises, what can I do with a 4" felted band of wool??

Fuzzy Feet swatch and mauve Cascade 220 Fuzzy Feet To Be

Last but not least, I've made progress on the Hub's socks. No, I didn't forget about it. It's just been in my purse for about a month getting a row done here or there. This morning, I saw that a few stitches had dropped off the needles in my purse. After fixing that, I started working on the heel flap tonight. I should have this nice pair of wool socks completed in time for summer, lol!

Start of Heel Flap on First Hub Sock


Emma said...

Nice knitting nook. The husband's socks look good too, I love the color.