Saturday, December 09, 2006

SP and a FO

Dial-up readers beware, very picture heavy post!

I enjoy acronyms, almost as much as I enjoyed a surprise secret pal package on my doorstep this afternoon. :) Thank you so very, very much to my Winter Cheer Secret Pal, KnitChick07! :)

Box of pretty packages

Non-fibery goodies: a Dick Francis novel "Banker", two Cadbury Crunchie bars (I'll have to share these with my mom), blue M&M guy, sock in progress bag, Trans-Siberian Orchestra CD "Beethoven's Last Night", mini-stationary, and a pooch calendar/mousepad!

Wool and silk handspun made by KnitChick07 in Sky Blue - look at that sheen! :)

Handspun in natural lighting

Handspun, up close and personal

Araucania Nature Wool Chunky in shades of green

Nature Wool Chunky in natural lighting

And extreme close-up

Latest Christmas Finished Object, Clapotis 3.0! It was so cold Thursday night, Bandit didn't attempt to wriggle out of modelling it :)


Anonymous said...

So happy it arrived on time! I was really hoping it'd be there before next week!

That blue M&M guy has a hole in his butt...he's an Antenna Topper :)

I hope you enjoy it all, and good luck next week!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh man. Your dog and my dog...they're going to gang up against us and rebel against this modeling stuff, you know!

They just...look so good in fiber!!