Friday, December 01, 2006

Care and Maintenance of My Blog

If this blog was a house plant, it would be dead and shriveled. Mea culpa, dear readers!

I've been deeply entrenched in holiday knitting. Here's my current project. By this time, it should look rather familiar. It's my third Koigu Clapotis.

Clapotis in Our Christmas Tree

Holidays 2006 shall be known as the year of socks and The Clap. For my third time knitting this pattern, I'm rather shocked that I still find it to be an enjoyable project.

So far, my holiday knitting stands at 2 completed paris of socks and a Clappy and a half. I'd like to finish at least another 2 pairs of socks. Hopefully, I won't be up until 3AM Christmas Eve finishing projects like I was last year. :)

Can I just say that today's weather completely SUCKS?? Bandit and I have been listening to the freakishly strong wind beating the Christmas wreath against the front door all morning. My plans were for Bandit and I to spend the day curled up at home staying warm. Unfortunately, he has a cracked toenail that's really bothering him, so he gets to go to the vet this afternoon. I feel completely AWFUL about his nail. Can't help but think if I was more diligent about trimming his nails, he wouldn't have gotten it. :( Poor little boy!

Edited: Back from the vet, and Bandit is all right. Trimmed up his ouchy nail and sent him home with a round of antibiotics. Also picked up the Drinkwell Water System that he's been eyeballing for a few years for Christmas. :)


IceSkatin' said...

Wow, that's some fountain!! I'm sure the cats would love it, but I fear it needs to be connected up to a water source?

I'm going on a yarn buying field trip tomorrow, so I'm holding your big package until I get back, in case I find anything gorgeous for you...will get it out this week with the goal of it being there WELL BEFORE the 12th!