Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Ever have one of those days when everything you touch just seems to turn to shit? That's been my life since Monday evening. Oddly enough, I had an easy time in Photoshop and Blogger getting my new decorations up.

Refinished Object

After a crummy day, I went to slap my Jayne Hat on for a few minutes while getting ready for bed Monday night. Wearing my doofy Jayne Hat lifts my spirits, so I'll break it out at odd moments. After putting it on my noggin, I noticed a big effing HOLE in the top of my hat that kept running and getting bigger. :( 45 minutes later, I had the top decrease section ripped out and ran a lifeline though the now live stitches and left it for the night. Tonight I re-knit the top, doubly securing the gathering of the stitches at the top of the hat. And making sure the pompom was securely back in place. A Jayne Hat just isn't a Jayne Hat without the pompom! In the picture of my newly recommissioned Jayne Hat, take a gander at my shirt. I bought it from Cafepress 2 weeks ago. It took UPS nearly 2 gorram weeks to ship my Cafepress order from Louisville, Kentucky to the northside of Indy. :-/ Thanks UPS - my Dad's Father's Day gift is now obscenely late. >.<


Mom said...

Love the hat!!!