Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Finger

After reading about this quiz on, I had to give it a go.

You Are the Thumb

You're unique and flexible. And you defy any category.

Mentally strong and agile, you do things your own way. And you do them well.

You are a natural leader... but also truly a loner. You inspire many but connect with few.

You get along well with: The Middle Finger

Stay away from: The Pinky


Zoe said...

Uh oh, I'm pinky.

snowdrop said...

I'm a ring finger. I'm to stay away from index fingers!
Found your blog on Knittyboard and had to leave a comment... Ring finger! I never would've guessed.
Love your socks from the previous post! Now I see how lovely Hedwig looks... I'll have to knit mine up soon...

Sarah said...

Hey Christina,

Please be sure to check out my blog. I posted about a little guy I have grown to love who is fighting his life in ICU because his daycare provider shook him. He needs prayers. Please let everyone know. I will be posting updates from his mom's blog on mine.

sylvia said...

I am the index finger. Maybe that is why we get along!

You are ambitious, driven, and capable.
You aren't afraid to take responsibility for your actions - or place the blame on whoever deserves it.
You are honest, free thinking, and objective. You see things in your own way - and you aren't afraid to let everyone know about it.

You get along well with: The Thumb

Stay away from: The Ring Finger