Saturday, July 14, 2007

Poor Baby :(

Friday morning, Bandit went to his vet appointment to fix his bum nail. After stomping in fresh poo with his injured paw. >.< He went into the vet's looking normal, but came out limping with a bandaged paw and a weepy eye from a procedure to unblock a gland on his eyelid. Giving him four antibiotic pills a day and eye medication is a complete joke. I've resorted to opening the antibiotic capsules into a blob of peanut butter and disguising the medicine bearing peanut butter in his Kong. He's getting along well enough, and I'm surprised that his foot bandage is still in place.

My knitting mojo has been severely lacking. I'm working on a cursed heel. Thursday night, I went to a sit and knit group at Stitches n Scones. Started working on the heel but it wasn't following the pattern correctly. Odd. Looked down at the side of the heel and saw two big loops at the base of the heel. Yup, an end stitch had popped off my needles. Much ripping followed. I did show a fellow sock knitter how to pick up stitches for a gusset, so all was not lost. :)