Sunday, July 15, 2007

Harry Potter Goodies

Two weeks of having my HP Secret Pal goodies, and I'm just now getting to posting them to my blog. Shameful, me! My upstream pal was none other than the fab KnitChick07. She must have been as busy as a house elf knitting all these lovely gifties for me. :) Thank you very much, I love it all, Knitchick07!!

Messenger Bag in Ravenclaw Colors

HP Scarf Bookmarkers in SS/CoS Style for Gryffindor and PoA Style for Ravenclaw

Knitchick07 must have hit Honeyduke's to find Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, Jelly Slugs, Chocolate Frogs, and Blood Pops. Dalegarn Ull in Ravenclaw colors (I'm thinking....socks!!), Sirius Black bookmarker, and yummy hot chocolate.

In other HP news, I saw Order of the Phoenix last night and was completely blown away. I'm a huge stickler that movies should follow canon as closely as possible and don't enjoy when movies stray too far from the book. (Don't get me started on the dumbass shrunken head in Prisoner of Azkaban...) David Yates did a wonderful job directing this movie and stayed very close to canon given the huge size of the book. Only complaint I had is not with the movie, but with someone who sat in front of us in the theater. Right at the emotional climax of the story in Dumbledore's office after the fight at the Ministry, someone let out a loud fart. Yeah, Chelsea and I then giggled through the whole scene. :)


KnitChick said...

Yep, I was thinking socks too :)

So happy that you enjoyed all of it! I had fun putting it together...but yes, it was definitely monopolizing my knitting time for a while... that of course is why I moved pixie's socks ahead of yours...I figured I've knitted enough for you lately, I'll knit for someone else for a week or two then get back to you :)

Stephen said...

You know, I love your latest HP related projects!!! Keep up the good work!