Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fesssing Up

Ok, been wondering why I haven't been posting much this fall? Truth be told, I'm a fall TV season addict. Every night of the week, I have at least one hour long show scheduled to record on the dvr. Then there's Tuesday nights when I record 5-6 hours of TV. It's a sickness, but I'm getting a hell of a lot of knitting done! TV people, seriously, deal with the screen writers guild that's on strike, they're worth it! Don't take away my House, or Bones, or multi-variant CSIs, or Heroes, or Journeyman, or Chuck, or.... *ahem*

Helllo to my shadow! I can't take decent pictures in the winter.

Current big Christmas project in progress is Juno Regina from Knitty Fall 2007 surprise. Working it in a cashmere and silk blend from Colourmart with US3 Knitpicks classic circular. The pointy end part was really fun, but I'm slowly slogging through the 2 row pattern repeat for the vast majority of the stole. Wishing for some pointy get grippy needles about now to keep a better hold of the end stitches. Overall, a pretty enjoyable project thus far.


rincaro said...

Wow. It's beautiful! I just can't get into TV this fall. And my knitting is suffering for it.