Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I Should Have Known Better

My slightly scratchy throat last week was definitely not from playing too much Rock Band. Instead, it was the precursor before a heinous respiratory infection which has kicked my ass since this weekend. By Saturday, I sounded much more like the squeaky voiced kid on The Simpsons.

I can say two things for sure about whoever had the bright idea that people should cough or sneeze into their hands. One, said cough designer has NEVER had a phlegm-y case of bronchitis. Two, said person also has stock in laundry detergent or owns a dry cleaners.

Right, knitting blog...

Work continues on the Juno Regina shawl. Still slogging through the middle length section. If the end result wasn't so darned pretty, I'd be bored to tears by this point.

Knitting has also started on a plain ol' black ribbed sock for Christmas knitting. Was so glad I had this stashed in my purse when we got caught in an ice storm over the weekend. Took us around 45 minutes to travel one mile in rural Tippecanoe County. So sad we had to miss Stephen and Jennifer's wedding as a result :(