Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas: The Aftermath

Whoo boy. Christmas is done, and I thought my hands were about ready to fall off at 3:30 AM on Christmas eve night/Christmas morning when I finished the last of my Christmas knitting projects. Every spare moment that I could be knitting I was - in line at the Target deli, team building events at work, pre-Christmas gatherings, and several gaming sessions. This year's knitted gifts included:

  • Reversible Cable scarf - still need to send
  • Pair of Monkey socks for my mom
  • Faroese Shawl for my grandma in PA
  • Juno Regina stole for my aunt
  • 2 pairs of men's socks in grey and black for my grandpas
  • Mini Jayne Hat for nephew, Zach
Jayne Hat as modeled by Zach - very cunning I think!

Finshed Juno Regina stole modeled by moi!

I have picked the needles up after a day off for Christmas. Working on a pair of Dashing fingerless gloves currently. Hubs gave me a big skein of Laci yarn from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, and I downloaded a copy of the Irtfaa'a Faroese shawl from today. Think I'm due a project to keep for myself after the flurry of Christmas knitting. :)


rincaro said...

Cutest Jayne model ever!