Tuesday, May 09, 2006


What a weekend! I'm shocked that my hands are able to lie flat. The majority of my weekend was spent knitting, no big surprise there :) Friday morning, I wasn't able to leisurely sleep in as I hoped. Bandit was on the early morning warpath. Apparently, my leftover Lorna's Lace sock yarn from my Olympic socks (almost a full skien!!) was in his warpath, too. Imagine my horror waking up to my beautiful sock yarn being strewn all about the living room, kitchen, and front entryway. *sigh* I spent four hours Friday afternoon and Saturday morning unknotting and winding the tangled mass of yarn that Bandit made. Most of it was salvaged though - whew!

New finished project as of Friday afternoon, too. I've finished knitting my first pair of Fuzzy Feet.

Ginormous Fuzzy Feet before shrinking

The Fuzzy Feet still need to be felted and have slipper bottoms sewn on. Sewing is not my friend, but this pattern sure was! I'd highly recommend the Fuzzy Feet pattern for first time sock knitters or for knitter's who want to improve their decreases. I realized on my first Fuzzy Foot that my SSK's were pretty fugly and took this pattern as an opportunity to try to improve my techniques.

Friday night, I had a fit of inspiration or perhaps a touch of madness. After pondering for a few weeks, I finally figured out what to do for Mother's Day gifts. True to my nature, it involves a lot of knitting. With next weekend's deadline looming, I started knitting gifts over the weekend. Many hours of knitting with cotton yarn left my hands pretty tired.

New projects with a narrow deadline require a trip to the local yarn store, right? Saturday after undoing Bandit's yarn mess, I ran to Stitches N Scones in Westfield to pick up some new needles. By chance, some Opal sock yarn in the Fish colorway just hopped into my hands and made me buy it :) Yeah, and the Opal Tiger and Owl sock yarn ordered itself for me, too.

Really, how could I not buy yarn named Fish??

Sunday, I joined a new knit along group, the Mason-Dixon Knit Along. The premise is a group of knitters blogging about projects we've made from the Mason-Dixon Knitting book. I've been very inspired by the designs in that book - log cabin knitting, knitting for the house, and unusual knitting mediums. Any recipients of Mother's Day gifts from me, please refrain from going to that site until after Mother's Day; no peeking at gifts allowed! :D

Busy week ahead for me knitting-wise, wish me luck!