Monday, May 22, 2006

What’s This?

Why, I do believe it’s visible evidence of progress on the Prairie Blanket!

Evidence of knitting besides butt-shaped dents on the couch

I have about 19 by 19 inch triangle of knitting left on the blanket - 180.5 square inches of knitting. Most of the day Sunday was spent with me knitting on the Prairie Blanket and watching about 10 hours of Da Vinci Code schlock on the History Channel. That’s probably more time than I’ve ever spent watching the History Channel total!

Friday, I did some yarn stash enhancing by going to Stitches n Scones after a trip to the spa. An hour long massage was just the ticket I needed to loosen my grip on my purse strings and buy some yarn. My intentions were to go in and buy two additional skeins of Koigu and a pair of size 4 circular needles for a Clapotis.

Koigu prepped, needles ready, just waiting to finish the Prairie Blanket to start Clapotis!

In addition to the Koigu and new Crystal Palace bamboo circs, I also got:

Cascade 220 in a bubblegum pink

Opal Sock Yarn in Tiger- grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!

I’m buying up Cascade 220 for Fuzzy Feet like it’s going out of style. Love the yarn, love the pattern, and see myself making several pairs. The Opal yarn was from a new shipment and after hearing that the Rain Forest line is special edition, I had to buy two skeins. I’m such a sucker when I hear the phrase “limited edition”; it calls to my inner collector. I really hope that the Owl yarn I ordered about a month ago is still in stock at the manufacturer’s.


Beth said...

I haven't ventured up to Stitches and Scones yet. Sounds like I might have to head north and check it out.

The blanket looks good. I watched a few of those DaVinci shows too, and got more done on my MILs socks. Gotta love mindless TV.