Monday, June 05, 2006

Fiber Day!

Saturday, I packed up my backpack and headed to my first fiber festival, Hoosier Hills Fiber Festival. As per my usual, I got completely lost trying to find the Johnson County 4-H fairgrounds and wandered around Franklin aimlessly. Eventually, I made a big circle getting back to the exit I first had taken off the interstate. Eventually, I found it and set out.

The weather was gorgeous, clear sunny sky and not too terribly hot. Their were around 60 vendors selling all sorts of fiber related goods from notions to unprocessed fleeces to cute angora bunnies. I learned I could never own sheep as my eyes watered and nose stuffed up when I was within 20 feet of a sheep. :)

I did get some new yarn and such. I didn't want to buy anything that I could find easily in the stores around town. Here's my haul:

Austermann sock yarn - infused with aloe vera and jojoba. Smells and feels lovely :D

Fleece Artist sock yarn, beautiful blues and greens.

Fleece Artist up close and personal

1375 yards of Skacel lace weight merino

Hopefully, this gauge is big enough so I don't lose it. Also, some nice birch cable needles.