Monday, June 19, 2006

New Stuff

This post will be filled with new stuff - new projects, new yarn, and new books with lots of pictures. :)

Friday, after mailing a pile of bills, I treated myself with a trip to Stitches N Scones in Westfield. I spent a good hour or so browsing after getting a new longer set of DPNs for the second Hub sock and a new circular needle. Following some brief internal debate, I nabbed two more skeins of Koigu for a second Clapotis. No plans whether the second will be for me or gifted. :) I stepped up to the counter to pay and realized my debit card was resting peacefully on a mousepad at home. Nooo!!! Much relief was felt when I was able to rattle off my card number from memory and pay for my knitting goodies.

New Koigu for Clappy Numero 2

Koigu up close and personal

Hubs and I went out Friday night. Date nights in our house are pretty odd when there are no movies we want to see in the theaters. We had dinner and went to Barnes and Noble where I picked up The Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques and Knit Lit 3. :)

New Books

Friday, I also started my newest big project, a modified Kimono Shawl from Folk Shawls. Rather than being a rectangular shawl, this one will be more squarish hopefully. I did the math, so it may wind up being a trapezoid. My goal is to have the Kimono Shawl done in time for Cosmo Knotts' arrival for his baptism. I struggled through a 167 stitch cable cast on. Ugh, lace weight yarn, too tight of a cast on technique, and stubby ended needles were all against me. After toying with modifying the Candle Flame Shawl pattern, I decided to try a bit simpler lace pattern after effectively frying my brain and eyes over a few lunch breaks figuring the changes to be made. I'm only 5 rows into the 20 row garter stitch border currently.

Kimono Shawl looks more like a Kimono shoe string currently

Kimono Shawl bit closer

I started the second Hub Sock Saturday. I will never work with this yarn again after this sock is finished. Yippee!!

Second Hub sock enjoying the sun breaking through the storm clouds tonight


The Dwarf said...

Those stitches are TINY on the lace weight. How long does a row take to do? I can't wait to hear what you learn from the books. Hopefully they don't say..."don't help your stupid friends who are poor knitters"! :)