Tuesday, June 13, 2006

From the Dark Depths of the Unfinished Object Drawer

It’s alive – the Hub sock!

Ginormous Hub Sock Compared to his Feet

Sunday, Hubs and I sat down to watch a few movies we had rented. Being accustomed to knitting during movies, I exasperatedly told Hubs that I had “nothing to knit” as we were settling in for the movies. I quickly received one of those looks as Kris reminded me of the pair of socks I’m making for him that have been languishing for months shoved in the back of a drawer. That has to be a bad sign when even he notices that I’m avoiding a project. Thinking that having some knitting is better than none, I settled in with the Hub sock. I quickly realized why I shoved it in a drawer. Ugh, splitty yarn and too short needles on my most dreaded part of the sock, the gusset. After fishing up many dropped stitches as they popped off the ends of the unused DPNs, I resorted to smooshing all of the needle ends into point protectors and taking them off as needed. A new set of 7 inch long DPNs will be bought before I start the second sock; the point protectors are quite a pain though not as bad as picking up dropped stitches. After much prodding, Hubs did try on the sock in progress last night. I was beginning to worry that the sock was too big, but it fit like a glove :)


Kay said...

I found your blog by searching for Koigu Clapotis. I saw the picture of the started clapotis. It looks nice. Btw, small coincidence, my maiden name is Knott. Any relatives in Oklahoma?

lkmanitou said...

Glad you liked the Clappy :)

Honestly, no clue here if we have any relatives in Oklahoma. Knotts is my married name, and most of Hubs' family is from Indiana/Ohio as far as I know.