Saturday, April 14, 2007


Thursday night, I finished knitting the North Star Scarf. I ended with 7 full pattern repeats , 2 repeats shy of the pattern specifications. I didn't want to tempt the knitting fates by trying more repeats with the wee bit of leftover yarn. In a fit of energetic productivity, blocking commenced this afternoon.

Cause of this evening's back crick
But wait..

ARGH! A MISTAKE!! Why couldn't I see this big honkin' mistake before blocking?

Artistic pose over the snowy April afternoon

Really, the bathroom and I aren't orange. Guess it's new camera time!

Project Specs
Pattern: North Star Scarf from "Arctic Lace"
Modifications: Only completed 7 out of 9 repeats due to short yardage
Yarn: Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud in "Horizon Heather". The Knitpicks website has this listed as needing one skein of Alpaca Cloud, but to have a full-sized version, buy two skeins.
Needles: US 3 Knitpicks classic circs
Project Thoughts: Once I got the hang of the slippery Alpaca Cloud, the KP classic circulars were very nice for the lace work. Loved the pointy ends. Pattern was very well done with easy to read charts; I especially liked the inclusion of plain knit stitch counts between pattern elements on the chart. The evenness of the k2tog and k2togtbl kept the stars crisp looking. Overall, I loved this project, and it's a major downer that it's finished.


rincaro said...

Silly girl. That is a "you won't see it unless you are hunting for it mistake". It looks gorgeous!

allelejean said...

It looks fantastic. I really had to look and compare to even see the mistake. :D I think I'm going to have to find this book.

Phollower said...

That's awesome.

And you're right, you and your bathroom are both much whiter than that.

NancyMaria said...

It's true, you have to really hunt for it to see the mistake you found!
Very lovely, indeed!

Julie said...

Hey Christina! It's Jackie's sister. I wish I could knit like that... my mom could, but Jackie and I didn't inherit the patience for that. BTW, don't scrap the camera just yet. Because of the kind of bathroom lights you have, it creates a white balance issue. Either that, or you need to take off your Pumpkin filter! :)