Monday, April 16, 2007

Jayne, the WIP They Call Jayne!

I finally broke down last week and ordered a Jayne hat kit from Wear With Style. Oh, how excited I was to see a package postmarked Osiris and Canton in my mailbox when I got home tonight.

Hero of Canton Overlooking Hat Kit

Realizing that I didn't have a 16 inch size 10.5 circular needle at my fingertips, I learned the Magic Loop technique so I could get a start on my Jayne Hat. However, I quickly realized I'd rather poke myself in the eye with the pointy Knitpicks Options needles than do Magic Loop long enough to make a hat. I'll have to make a mad dash to the LYS tomorrow evening to get a set of DPNs.

Who wouldn't want a cunning hat like Jayne's?


Jaynehat said...

I see I've inspired you! Excellent.

Goodies are on their way...

bookgrump said...
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bookgrump said...

A very cunning hat. Dog wears a hat like that shows he's not afraid of anything!

Good job!

(I deleted my previous comment because I'm a dope who can't spell!)