Monday, June 11, 2007

Weekend in Review

Ever have a weekend so busy that you feel like you needed a weekend from your weekend? That's the point I'm at today. This past weekend was jam-packed with stuff. Biggest news, Hubs got and accepted an offer for a new job. He starts July 2nd. Horray for new opportunities!

I started another new knitting project yesterday evening when I had some down time. I'll be sending it to my downstream Knittyboard Harry Potter Swap Pal. Lemme tell you, this project is a finger/hand killer, but will be oh so cute!

Summer 2007 Knitty hit the interwebs today. In addition to fab new patterns, I found the article on knitting socks for diabetics very informative and applicable to my sock knitting. Several of the my sock recipients have diabetes, and this article provided me with great guidance in what fiber types to use, what type of stitch patterns, and even what type of heel will work best.

Time to crash for the night!