Sunday, August 19, 2007

Gencon: It's Over

First off, a big D&D announcement was made on Friday night, D&D 4.0 comes in 2008. For more details, see these announcement videos.

The last two days of Gencon can best be summed up with a picture.

Swag and Purchase Haul

All the new board game purchases were made with the lens of "How well do we think this will go over at Game Night?" and "Can it be played in the time of a Game Night gathering?". Not too long, no cumbersome rules, and heavy on the strategy and light on luck. New board games include from the top of the stack on down:
  • Anathema from Ape Games. Kris won a copy for winning a Order of the Stick: The Shortening event. Haven't played nor demoed.
  • Condottiere from Fantasy Flight Games. A bidding style Euro-game for taking control of Italian cities. We played this in an event Saturday night, but lost to the demo team.
  • Patrician from Mayfair Games. A building themed Euro-game for building towers and gaining fame. We demoed this on Saturday.
  • Cavetroll from Fantasy Flight Games. Haven't played or demoed, but small games are like potato chips, can't have just one!
  • Domaine from Mayfair Games. And another Euro-game. This one's all about land, city, and resource control. We demoed this game today, and I actually won! I think this ranks up there as my favorite game that we played at Gencon.
  • Fury of Dracula from Fantasy Flight Games. Partially a co-op game for up to 5 players - 4 players are vampire hunters and the fifth controls Dracula. I've been very curious about this game for some time, but no demos or events for it were being offered. :-( Went out on a limb and bought it anyway after reading the Boardgame Geek write-ups for it.
  • Pirate's Cove from Days of Wonder. Build up a pirate ship, battle other players and famous pirates, and gain fame. Played this game in an event Friday, and it was a lot of fun!
  • Monster Mayhem from White Wolf. Now, don't let the rather "meh" rating on BGG run you off. We demoed this on Thursday morning and had a lot of fun. Compared to the other games we purchased, it is fairly light on strategy, but the theme is engaging.
By far the highlight of Gencon 2007 for Kris was winning a spot in the Warhammer Online beta yesterday afternoon. Hard to believe it's all over for another year!


Phollower said...

I saw the Starcraft the Boardgame bag and I thought it was the actual game at first and I was like, "Holy crap!" because I didn't think it was even released yet. I'm pretty excited to try out all the goodies!

Peter said...

Just wondering if Kris' 'winnings' ever came of anything? I won a spot in the WarHammer Online beta at GC Indy'07 as well, and still haven't gotten access. Wondering if ANYONE has...