Thursday, August 16, 2007

It's Gencon Day!!

Be forewarned, only 1% passively mentioned knitting will be mentioned in this post with the other 99% dedicated to my other all consuming hobby, gaming.

This year was a bit of a departure for Hubs and me. Usually, we're in the first hundred or so to get through the doors to rush the Order of the Stick booth for limited swag items and books. Since OOTS didn't come this year and we didn't have another pressing reason to be in the doors quickly, we were able to make our way over to the new electronics gaming area first thing. This year, the miniatures hall which would be a partitioned section of the dealer hall was opened up for electronic gaming companies. For the first time since my very first Gencon, I was taken aback by the sheer size of the hall. One other layout change that I liked is that the huge, traffic clogging Wizards of the Coast booth has been moved from the front and center entrance of the hall to a less conspicuous back corner thus keeping the flow of people manageable. Hurray for less crowding! Also, one choice that Hubs and I made was to not participate in True Dungeon this year. Although it is a very immersing experience, it's also pricey and not as much fun with random strangers in your party.

Overview of new electronic games area

Never thought there would be enough room for an annoyingly loud tour bus in the Dealer Hall

First stop of the day was at the EA/Mythic booth for Warhammer Online. Hubs has been vying for a beta spot for quite some time. His attempts at schmoozing out a beta invite with his 3+ years of playing and beta testing another Mythic game, Dark Age of Camelot, and working as an web code monkey for a big fan site was rebuffed. We both registered for a raffle for an open spot of 25 beta testers. Alas, neither of our names was called, but one of Hubs' friends received an invite from the raffle. The green convention center carpet lent a nice shade of green to his face to match the jealousy, lol. :) Still, 75 more beta invites will be raffled off before the end of Gencon, so we're hopeful.

"I want a beta invite; look how well I play Warhammer Online!"

After meandering out of the electronic gaming area, we came across the White Wolf booth. We sat down to play a demo of Monster Mayhem. As we were settling in, who should sit down for the same demo than one of my old co-workers. It's a small con after all! :) Hubs and I had a blast playing Monster Mayhem and picked up a copy of our own. It's a very quick to pick up, every man monster for himself, fun game. We think this has some definite potential for game nights. As we were checking out, my eye was caught by a display of White Wolf pins. I got the last Gangrel clan pin, and we picked up one for our favorite Vampire storyteller, too. :) (Pssttt! BP, that's you!)

Spacious White Wolf booth and some random person who walked in front of me :/

After a few hours of strolling though the dealer hall, we came across a small booth offering a very cool new product, Campaign Coins. One of the best things about D&D adventuring is the loot. Kill a nasty, badass monster then get their stuff and money. Usually, gold is doled out and managed by tracking it on your paper character sheet or a journal. About as fun as balancing a checkbook :) The Campaign Coins set is ~70,000 gold pieces worth of copper, silver, and gold pieces made out of metal. Stab a kobold? *chink, chink* Get a few copper pieces. Suffocate a rakshasa and the rogue can dive into a real pile of gold and platinum. After an evening call to our DM, Phollower, we'll be picking up a set tomorrow. :)

This evening, we played a game of Pirate's Cove by Days of Wonder. They published our most requested board game purchase from last year's Gencon, Shadows Over Camelot. Each player captains a pirate ship and navigates to island's through 12 rounds to boost his/her ship's guns, crew, hull, and mast. Battles amongst pirate ships occur when more than one pirate ship navigates to the same island fighting for gold, treasure, bonus action cards, and fame. The pirate with the most fame at the end of 12 rounds wins.

That's Kris' "Haha, I smashed your hull and stole your treasure!" smile. :)

I've been running low on energy reserves lately, and the day finally caught up to me when we sat down for dinner. No way around it, I was spent. We ditched our 8pm-midnight game of Britannia and headed home.

Tomorrow will only have two hours of dealer hall time and lots of events.


Phollower said...

Sounds awesome LK. Can't wait to hear all about it and see all the new goodies.

Have I ever told you how great it is to know other couples who spend a fair portion of their income on fun stuff? Let's see, we could get new carpet for the living room or... OOOOHHH! Is that a bag of 70,000 gold pieces? The carpet looks fine to me!