Sunday, August 26, 2007

Well, Crap!

Back in fifth grade, my teacher had a rewards program. Every Monday he gave us a $50 in play money, and if we still had it at the end of the week, we could use the play money to buy a candy bar, soda, or other small toy. We could lose our $50 bills by not behaving, being late, or the kicker, not following directions on assignments. That's the one that always tripped me up - following directions. I maybe had 10 $50 that I could turn in all year due to my habitual scanning of paragraphs of directions and eventual missing of some of the finer points of the directions.

Seventeen years later, I haven't learned a damned thing and skim paragraph-like directions. I found out the hard way just a few minutes ago when I realized that the past 22 rows of the Feather and Fan shawl have been knitted incorrectly. Rather than alternating chart 2A and 2B within a row, I read it as work chart 2A once then chart 2B once and repeat that progression 7 times. Many curses were thrown, direct threats for burning of said shawl were made, and a nice temper flare erupted. Twenty-two rows may not sound like a lot, but there are 624 stitches on the needle now and I haven't used a lifeline for that stretch either since it was the easy-peasy section of the shawl.

This happens literally 24 hours after I had to frog a Waving Lace sock that was down to the gusset for being too enormous. Not sure what kind of screw up I had on gauge, but it was roughly properly sized for Kris' size 13 foot. Don't think he'd wear a lacy, pink sock though.

What a waste of a weekend's worth of knitting. I'm going back to reading my Dresden Files books, I've never had any horrid feeling of defeat from reading! :(


Anonymous said...

It wouldn't be the first time he wore something lacy and pink

sylvia said...

Jeesh - that sucks! Sorry! I hate when stuff like that happens. I wish all instructions came in bullet point format - with the important words highlighted or in a different color or something.

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, are you *certain* that he wouldn't wear lacy pink socks? I have it on good authority that he would enjoy them... :)