Thursday, February 09, 2006

First Sock

Awww...I'm so happy and pleased.

My first finished sock!

I worked on this over this evening and the past two nights over some CSI reruns. Really I had to rip out only a few times. Only part I didn't quite grasp was using the kitchener stitch to seam the toe. I consulted two knitting books and a knitting how to website, and each told me to do it differently. Ack!

I worked this tutorial sock out of some light purple splitty-as-hell acrylic I had laying around the house. Never again will that yarn be knitted by me.

Sock that stands up on its own, that ain't right!! Just overlook the ugly toe here folks...

And just to prove that it was kind of shaped like a human foot...

Me modelling the funny little sock. Please excuse my blindingly pale legs. I'm red-headed and can't tan folks :)

I have my Lorna's Lace all wound and swatched up ready to go for the start of the Knitting Olympics tomorrow. Can't wait!!


Nicole said...


Nicely done on that sock. The hardest part always seems to be getting the second one done.

Tell me, did you have any problems with pesky little "holes" after picking up stitches? That's my biggest problem.

Hope this is the beginning of a sock knitting addiction! :)