Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Olympic Gold!

Finished Socks!!

Olympic victory is mine; I finished my first pair of knitted socks tonight. I can't wait to wear them to work tomorrow!! Overall, I was really surprised that knitting socks wasn't that hard for me. Except for the kitchener stitch. I wouldn't be surprised if Hubs could kitchener stitch the toe seam after overhearing me listening to the tutorial on many, many times.

I think I'm going to be hooked on sock knitting for awhile. Tuesday night, I put in an order with Knitpicks for more sock yarn :)

Next projects to be worked on will be the DNA scarf, and I'll be pulling Cozy out from the bottom of my knitting bag. Oh, and socks for Hubs when I get that Knitpicks order :D

Bandit checking out his mama's handiwork...don't even think of eating those dog!

Sock Stats: Lorna's Lace Shepherd Sock yarn in the Aslan colorway. Knit on Crystal Palace size 2 bamboo needles over 12 days. Pattern is from Sensational Knitted Socks in a garter rib stitch. Overall, I loved the yarn, directions, and needles.


purlewe said...

Congrats on your gold medal! Those are truly some sensational socks!

lkmanitou said...

Thank ya! I'm wearing them for the day, and they're wonderfully warm :)