Monday, February 13, 2006

Olympic Knitting: The Beginning

2p.m. Friday afternoon, I joined in with literally thousands of knitters across the globe and cast-on my Olympic knitting project. I chose to try my first pair of socks. Being a selfish, icy footed knitter, they'll be mine :) I'm doing a simple garter rib stitch pattern following (very closely!!) the instructions given in Sensational Knitted Socks. Now, I've always heard of the wonderful portability of sock projects and have seen knitters with their socks in far flung, wonderous locales. Well, I don't really go out too much, so instead, you'll be seeing sock doing what I do around the house.

Sock and I taking over Middle Earth in the game War of the Ring..we kicked Hubs' butt!

So far, I'm loving how the Lorna's Lace Shepherd Sock yarn is knitting up. Granted, its a heck of a lot thinner weight than any yarn I've ever used before. With US#2 DPNs, I feel like I'm knitting on dental floss with toothpicks. Really pretty wooly floss. I think I'm hooked on sock knitting; I can say that until I get to the gusset. :)

Sock and I watching CSI reruns on Spike. Lookie...there's a heel! Knitted objects may appear wavier than they are.

In the planned objects realm, I'll be working on a pair of socks for Hubs, too. Unfortunately, the pattern for the baby blanket has been on backorder for three weeks. *groan* So much for getting a jumpstart!