Tuesday, November 07, 2006

meedely meedely meedely MEEEEEE!

Guitar Hero 2 was released today, and I picked up our copy after casting my vote this evening. Kris and I spent the evening running through career mode on easy mode to open up new songs and such. We finally have two guitar controllers for the game so we can play co-op or versus. (I totally beat him on "Heart-Shaped Box".) I'm rather shocked that my fingers are working well enough to type now. Best part of the game, the Trogdor song from Strongbad Emails is included as a song that can be bought with in game cash earned from gigs. Can't wait to get access to the Trogdor song!!

**Side note, the title is a reference to Strongbad's Guitar email if you're not familiar with SB emails**


Zoe said...

I totally cracked up just from reading the title.

And the dragon comes in the NNnnniiiiiggggghhhhhh!

Trillian42 said...

Oh. My. Gosh. My Kris and I spent last night doing the SAME THING! We LOVE that game!

Of course, he's making himself crazy trying to get to the point where Rush's "YYZ" is unlocked. Not as of the third group on "Medium" so far...


lkmanitou said...

Zoe: We got access to the Trogdor song really late last night. "And the dragon comes in the NNnnniiiiiggggghhhhhht!" is actually included at the end of the song. Be still my little SB email fangirl heart.

Trillian: So glad to hear that we weren't the only ones plunking away last night on Guitar Hero. According to the game's write-up on wikipedia, "YYZ" is opened up after beating the 7th set on medium. I'm still holding out for "Sweet Child O' Mine".