Thursday, November 02, 2006

Thank You Indianapolis!

Out of character for us, Hubs and I have been taking in more concerts than usual lately. Yeah, that means we'll be going to at least two this year. For me to justify laying out money for concert tickets, I have to be damn sure I'll like the way a band sounds live before I order tickets. I'm picky about live music; performing for a few years through high school and college with some fab musical groups have spoiled my ears. Live music just isn't enjoyable to me if I hear warbly out of tune notes.

On a surprising move from my snobbish concert goer ways, Hubs and I went to see Joseph Arthur with Zoe and BP last month. Before going to the smokey bar to see him perform live, I'd only listened to the first few seconds off a CD. "Cool, it's acoustic. I'm in." was my only precursive reaction.

What I hadn't counted on was a fab, rockin' three hours! My favorite song of the night performance-wise was "Slide Away". Holy crap, does he have vocal range! Oh, and a theremin. :) We were TP-ed by a leaf blower towards the end of "Electrical Storm". I really enjoyed the off-the-cuff antics and improvisation, particularly around a story of the varicose veins on a fake leg they had on stage. The highlight of the evening was during the finale of "Honey and the Moon". Joseph came out into the small crowd at Birdy's and went right up to BP and had her sing along with the chorus into his mike. Thus sealing the deal that I had to buy a copy of that concert's live album. I still get a big grin on my face when I hear that song on my iPod. Fun times, good friends, and wonderful music! :) Yeah, I listened to the Joseph Arthur playlist for the majority of the drive to PA the next week.

Next Wednesday, we'll be catching Trans-Siberian Orchestra at Conseco Fieldhouse. As I got my mom and sister hooked on TSO last year, they'll be coming, too. Nothing quite like Christmas music in early November. :) They tour with a 14 musicians, 14 vocalists, and 2 narrators. I've heard that they're fab live, so I'm really excited about this show. I wanted to get tickets to last year's concert, but cashola was no-go-a. Look for a write-up maybe late next week, or hell, almost a month from now if I'm as up on my blogging as I was for the Joseph Arthur concert :)


Knit Mongrel said...

I'm so jealous that you'll get to see the TSO - I LOVE them. Hope all goes well with the possible surgery, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, you're so lucky. I could listen to TSO and their holiday music all through the year!
Thanks for commenting on my blog post about George. :)

IceSkatin' said...

So, is there any such thing as a TSO CD that you DON'T already own? Inquiring minds you know...

lkmanitou said...


I don't have "Beethoven's Last Night", but I do have all the rest. :) They have a new CD coming out sometime in 2007. Not that I lurk their website or anything...*cough*