Monday, November 20, 2006


What a weekend! Good thing I have this week off for vacation time :)

Saturday, I drove my mom and sister to Washington, Pennsylvania to meet up with my grandparents. They're taking vacation this week to spend time with our family in Pennsylvania. Wonderful time for my mom's car to decide to die completely, and alternate transportation like flying or taking a bus were very prohibitively expensive. I knew I did the right thing though when I saw my sister's reaction to finally seeing our grandparents after 3 years. The drive back Saturday night wasn't too bad considering I was by my lonesome self in the SUV. I had Harry Potter audio books on my iPod to keep me company.

Grandpop, Grandmom, Mom, and Chelsea

Sunday started much too early by some church-y person ringing our doorbell at 10. Leave pamphlets on the doorstep to be disposed of later, don't ring doorbell especially on a weekend morning. >.<

Apparently, my road trip Saturday set off flags with our bank because I got a call from them Sunday morning. I guess gas stations and a $7 Quizno's sandwich are suspicious activity. Meh.

I have had some knitting time, too. I'm still working through the Austermann Step socks. I was shocked Friday night to learn that the striping on both socks are matching perfectly.

Socks that are Zoe approved for matching!

Tonight, I hope to finish the toe of the second sock and get put a "DONE" stamp on this project. I have lots more holiday knitting projects left!

Just need a toe!


Zoe said...

Well just how could you possibly where them if the stripes didn't match up? Tell me.

They look great.

Anonymous said...

How the heck did you get those stripes to match so perfectly? Mine never do! I still wear 'em, though ;)