Friday, November 17, 2006

SP and Swappy Stuff

Wow, what a day! I've been running around like a crazy woman most of today. Feels nice to be able to sit a spell. I was able to get about 90% of Christmas shopping for Hubs finished. I even got a good deal, woo!!!

Knitting action has been limited this week to the Austermann socks I showed in the previous post. I have one finished and have the cuff knitted on the second.

I had something weird happen today while I was waiting in my car for an oil change. Valvoline was really packed, so I had about a 20 minute wait in my car for an open bay. No biggie, I had my sock in progress with me, so I sat in my parked car and knitted. A little bit later, a lady comes up to my window. She said that she noticed that I was knitting and asked if I could teach her how to knit. I'm not one to horde knowledge, so I got her business card and will contact her about showing her the ropes.

Speaking of teaching folks how to knit, Wednesday's foray into teaching knitting was a smashing success. Within a few minutes of learning how to cast on and do the knit stitch, all four ladies were garter stitching away. I had a blast :) So did Bandit, even though he was attempting to run everyone off with horrendous gas!

This afternoon I was greeted by a package on my front stoop. Thinking it was some of the sock yarn I've been ordering. (Gotta stock up before surgery in December, you know!) Upon picking it up, no way it was a couple of skeins of sock yarn. It was an SP package from the Winter Cheer exchange!

Opening the package

The Motherlode! Hey, how did my secret pal know that I don't have any salt and pepper shakers? Oh, and notice the Dick Francis book "Longshot" in the background! *squee*

TEN Skeins of lightweight mohair and wool blend. Trust me SP, it's plenty cold here for this yarn :)

To top it off, my SP got me Magic cards!!! I had to call Hubs at work this afternoon to tell him that. These will fit very nicely into my Auroch deck! :D

Thank you so much SP! You rock!!

Also on the swappy front, I swapped off a skein of yarn this week that's been languishing in my meager stash for over a year. In exchange I received 6 gorgeous beaded stitch markers.

Byooteeful Stitch Markers from Curlytop


IceSkatin' said...

Hooray! So happy to hear the package made it!! I checked the USPS site last night and they never even logged receiving it, so I just wasn't sure :(

Glad you like/needed the S&P shakers! I was wondering the grocery the night before packaging it up, and came upon them...thought they'd be nice and wintery! Also happy you like the yarn! I've had it for a while, but though I loved the color, just couldn't figure out something to DO with'll have to let me know when you figure it out! And I'll have you know, those cards were plucked lovingly from my own decks!! (Ok, admittedly decks I haven't touch in took me 15 minutes just to figure out where they were hiding). :)