Monday, April 23, 2007

Sick Poochie-Pie

Bandit didn't have a very nice weekend. While at the dog park Saturday morning, Bandit was on the receiving end of a tousle with a German Shepherd and Lab. Once we got home, he seemed to be in a lot of pain - crying out when he tried to bark and shaking. We took him to the emergency vet hospital and walked out with some pain pills for him and a diagnosis of just general pain. Tonight, he's not doing any better; still refusing to bark, shaking, and lethargic. :( I spoke with his regular vet this evening, and will take him to the vet tomorrow morning. I'm so scared that something is wrong with him or that he's in a lot of pain. Please keep our little guy in your thoughts tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Oh, heavens. My thoughts are with you and le pooch. Keep us informed!

--The SP

Sarah said...

Poor guy!! I hope it's nothing serious!! I will keep him in my thoughts ♥