Thursday, July 27, 2006

All Work, No Knit.

Ack, what a week! No knitting progress to speak of since it's been very hectic work week. Apparently, not knitting for a few days makes me go a bit nuts, so I wrestled with Bandit tonight after finishing up the work week.

Too cute to not photograph, I snapped the first shot and got onto the floor next to him.

Big mistake. Extreme close-up pics and massive puppy kisses ensued.

Eventually, he realized he had met his match and backed off.

And I realized that I can use the zoom on the digital camera to get a good pic of Bandit's cute little face.

Hopefully I'll have some actual knitting blog fodder this weekend. Kris has an SCA event Saturday, so I'm counting on some quality solo knitting and vegetating time. :)