Monday, July 24, 2006


Game night Friday called for a mindless knitting project over a few hours of quality D&D playing. I grabbed the skein of Rowan Denim, looked over the bib pattern in Mason-Dixon Knitting, and knitted most of this in Friday night. Only had the button hole and an inch or so of the second strap to knit on Sunday. The button finally was sewn on tonight after I tore the house apart looking for a sewing needle. Ready for Cosmo Knotts once he's big enough :)

Mason-Dixon Bib in Rowan Denim

I couldn't wrestle Bandit into modeling this handknit, so the top of his doghouse had to do. :)

Close-up of the kyoootest button ever! It's Peter Rabbit!

I haven't been slacking on my larger projects. A decent hunk of time Sunday was devoted to the Kimono Shawl between loads of laundry. I didn't realize how much progress I've made until I measured it tonight - it's 22 inches tall now! I can't wait to block this sucker out to show how it really looks; I just don't seem to be able to photograph it well.

Kimono Shawl progress. I need to take a knitting project photography course or grow a few feet taller. Note my foot on the left edge of the picture that makes the lace lay poorly.


The Dwarf said...

The bib turned out cute!