Thursday, July 06, 2006

Stash Enhancing

For once, I actually caught one of the seasonal sales at Mass Ave Knit Shop last Friday. 30-50% off all yarns in the store was more than enough for me to get my sickie self out of bed. Here's my haul:

Purpley superwash merino sock yarn from Artyarns

Katia Ingenua mohair blend which will become a Branching Out scarf for someone for some holiday or birthday. Real specific intentions, no?

Skein of Rowan Denim and a Beatrix Potter button will be a bib from Mason-Dixon Knitting for nephew-to-be, Cosmo Knotts.

Self patterning Lana Grossa sock yarn with "extra strapazierfahig". No clue what strapazierhafig is; hope it's good!

Sage Cascade 220 for a Celtic Cap from Girl from Auntie. Want to give her patterns a try to see if I could knit the Rogue or Eris sweaters anytime in the near future.

Katia Mississippi cotton for the perfect pattern I found to make for my stepmom, Betty, while waiting in the checkout lane. No clue as to if it will be a birthday or Christmas gift yet. :)

Can't forget the cutest haul of all, a black sheep measuring tape from Lantern Moon. These are no longer specialty items in each bag of white sheep measuring tapes; they're shipped as a seperate item now. MAKS had a whole load of them, so I had to adopt one which with Bandit is smitten :)


KnitterBunny said...

Still haven't made it to Mass Ave. Are you in Indiana as well?

The Dwarf said...

What is the bunny? And the "rogue" sweater is awesome. But the words "experienced" and "cabling" mean it is not for me to make (at least not in the near future)! I am sure you could do it though.

lkmanitou said...

Knitterbunny: Yep, I am in Indiana. Lots of good yarn stores here in Indy to try :)

The Dwarf: Ah, the sheep is a measuring tape. The tape is hidden behind it's tail. Nevermind the fact that I'm pulling a measuring device out a sheep's butt - it's still cute. The "experienced with cables and finishing techniques" are really intimidating to me. That's why I want to try a smaller, intermediate pattern of hers first.

Beth said...

I did the Rogue for my niece. The only real issue I had was the funky decreases on the hood that were done on the wrong side. I also cheated and did the other half of the neck separately so I didn't have to do any of the cables on the wrong side. Turned out well, she loves it.
I missed the sale at MAKS. Darn it.

lkmanitou said...

Beth: Never fear, MAKS has a 30-50% off sale about once per season. I'll be sure to post when I hear of another :) I really want to try to knit Rogue though I think I better try a simpler pattern for my first sweater, lol :)