Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Lacin' Along

Kimono Shawl Progress

I've been focusing my knitting on the Kimono Shawl; it's up to 12 inches long. Granted, my knitting time has been limited since I've been sick and cleaning house. After reading on Jackie's blog that she's due in a little over 5 weeks, I better get cracking!! I don't want to be held responsible for a missed due date because I haven't finished Cosmo's baptism blankie like the Yarn Harlot has done recently. :)


The Dwarf said...

Limited knitting time?? I could have been knitting that since I was born and not have gotten that far.

lkmanitou said...

Ok, I'm comparing my knitting time now to when I was working on the Prairie Blanket for hours on end over weekends. I did get a few uninterrupted hours working on the shawl last night, just me, a gassy dog, and Half Blood Prince on my ipod.