Monday, July 17, 2006


Friday, I stopped by the Knit Knack store in my hometown to try and get a few spare of these:

No clue what the technical name is of this tool. I call it my hook thingy - very technical term, no?

My mom used to use it when she machine knitted in the 80s and showed me an easy way to work in ends with it. I really like using it to fix dropped stitches and wanted a backup or two for when I eventually lose hers. Alas, no luck. The Knit Knack store was closed last Friday afternoon for a seminar. Their old barn mocked me with the phrase "YARN BARN" emblazoned on its roof, and its doors locked. *sigh*

I didn't have any time to knit this past weekend, so the Kimono Shawl looks exactly as it did late last week. I have to find some knitting time this week!