Sunday, September 03, 2006

Patience of a Saint

Oh, not me - I definitely don't have that much patience. Hubs does for putting up with me this past week madly attempting to salvage two months of lace knitting. As much as Kris has been patient with me, it now doesn't hold a candle to Bandit's patience level with me.

"Mommy, I am NOT a knitwear model!"

Behold, Bandit swaddled in the salvaged and finished Kimono Shawl/Baptism Blanket/My Bane of the Last week. As of late last night, I finally had all 167 stitches back on the needles after picking up insane amounts of dropped stitches. I did the last of the stitch fixes tonight, and bound off. The trick to binding off lace loosely enough is to use a broomhandle sized knitting needle for the bind off - this project used a US 6 and I used a US10.5 for binding off. It isn't a trapezoid this time!! *insert a little happy dance here*

Blocking tomorrow, so I'll post better pics and a project synopsis then!

Bandit better be glad I'm not having him model sweaters...yet :)


Zoe said...

WOW! That is absolutely beautiful.

lkmanitou said...

Thanks Zoe :)

At this point, I'm glad that it's fixed, done, and ready for it's debut next Sunday.