Monday, September 25, 2006

Seedy Knitting

Seed stitch knitting that is. A decent chunk of the weekend was spent knee deep k1 p1 working on the border for the Saffron Cables afghan. Many hours and almose a full skein of yarn went into this 2.5" of seed stitch. I wonder if I'll have enough yarn as the pattern states that it should be 48 inches across, but mine is in the ballpark of 64 inches. Big warm blankie!!

Up close and personal with the Saffron Cables progress

To paraphrase the Cookie Monster, "B is for blanket and that's good enough for me!"

Saturday night, I finished up my covert knitting project. I'm really pleased with the results and took some pictures which I'll share after it's sent to its recipient. I want to order much more Gloss yarn from Knitpicks and work up some Christmas knitting projects :)