Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Blizzard of Aught Seven

No way in Hades will I go out in today's weather. The fact that we're under a BLIZZARD warning in central Indiana sealed the deal for me. Weather.com is listing the Indianapolis area as having "Unknown Precipiation". That roughly translates to "Shit-pile of snow and toss in some ice, too just for fun".

View from the Office Window
Note the snow drift that's parallel to the base of the window

View from the Back Door
Can't see crap through the built-up ice and sleet on the door

Stay safe and warm!


Zoe said...

How fortunate for you that you just got a brand new Wii.
I don't think we're going any where on Weds either. The snow is waist deep in areas of our yard. It's the drifting.