Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Love Is

Using your long-hoarded Socks That Rock yarn for socks for your beloved. What, you didn't expect me to say something profound, did you?

Tonight, I'll cast on a bigger version of the Madder Ribbed Socks for Hubs from STR "Beryl". I love the colors of this yarn, but they're manly enough for man socks. Means I'll get to buy more Socks That Rock to replace this skein, right?

Also actively on the needles is an Elegant Ribbed Stocking from "Favorite Socks" that my SP sent me. I'm using Dale of Norway Heilo in navy blue. I only have one of the three sets of DPNs required to make these socks, and I got to the point where I'll need the size 7 DPNs. Cheap excuse to go to the yarn store this week. My attempts to photograph my progress thus far were really poor, so no pics tonight.

Should I be concerned that all my finished objects so far this year have been socks?


Phollower said...

Boy, you spend a lot of time thinking about socks. You just can't stop. It's like all you care about is socks and how many different ways you can get and have socks. You're like some kind of socks addict. I mean, you've got socks toys and everything. And you've gotten so good at it that people are probably going to start paying you for socks. I'm impressed.

Alex said...
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Deathboy said...

I'm trying desperately to come up with a (naughty) double entendre here, but you'd probably just tell me to put a sock in it...

he he.

lkmanitou said...

Phollower and DeathBoy:

I can only quote Belkar from OOTS #418 in response "I sense a great disturbance. As if a thousand double entendres cried out, and were suddenly silenced"